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paw2.jpg  Vaccinations

From puppyhood and kittenhood to mature adulthood, vaccinations are an important preventative measure against viral and bacterial diseases still prevalent in our community. Our veterinarians will examine your pet and make recommendations as to the proper vaccination protocol based on a variety of factors, including your pet’s age, health, prior vaccination, potential exposure to diseases, and lifestyle.

To be certain your pet is as healthy as possible, Levan Road Veterinary Hospital requires a physical examination prior to receiving vaccinations. Pets with illnesses, organ problems or parasites may not be able to respond properly to the vaccines. Vaccinations could even be harmful to an animal with existing health problems. Your veterinarian may suggest fecal examinations, blood screening and other laboratory tests relevant to your pet’s health.

Our veterinarians understand that you may have many questions about the proper vaccines for your pet. We look forward to answering any questions and developing a vaccine schedule that meets your pet’s unique needs.