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paw2.jpg  Internal Medicine

We understand how stressful it is when your pet is not feeling well. Veterinary medicine is an art that involves determining what is wrong from a patient that cannot communicate with us in words.

All of our experienced doctors can provide the expertise to diagnose and treat most medical problems. Our veterinarians work well together collaborating on more difficult cases, if needed.

We believe it is important to spend as much time as needed to address your questions and concerns about treatment options for your pet’s best medical care. We offer varied appointment slots, allowing more time for more complex cases.

At Levan Road Veterinary Hospital, we understand that excellent veterinary care must be paired with an owner’s complete understanding of their pet’s medical conditions. Our commitment to you is to offer top quality, state-of-the-art medicine, coupled with an atmosphere which encourages owners to ask questions and become educated about their pet’s health care and all options available.