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paw2.jpg  Golden Years Club

Pets are living longer than ever before, thanks to advances in veterinary care and improved nutrition, providing their owners with many more years of love and faithful companionship.  The trade-off is that pets, just like their aging human companions, become more vulnerable to multiple health problems and diseases such as:

  • Weight gain and decreased mobility
  • Heart, kidney, and liver diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Dental problems and periodontal disease
  • Behavioral problems
  • Cancer

The good news is that many of these health problems can be prevented, controlled, or treated if detected in the early stages.  Your pet ages 5 to 7 years for every one of yours, suggesting that health problems in your pet can progress 5 to 7 times faster.  Aging pets have different health care needs.  Unfortunately, by nature, dogs and cats tend to hide signs of illness, making it difficult for an owner to realize there is something wrong and bring them in for help.  By the time some pets are brought into the clinic, it may be very difficult to restore their health.  Just as in human medicine, if detected early, many health concerns may be greatly altered or eliminated altogether.

Our GOAL with our GOLDEN YEARS CLUB is to help maintain an excellent quality of life by educating owners as to what to look for – what is normal and what is not – as their pet’s age.  We can then take steps to improving our companion’s quality of life for as long as we possibly can.

The first step in the program involves filling out a checklist of signs/symptoms that are specific to your pet.  Also we will review these concerns with you as well as give you a packet of information to take home.  From there, we may suggest things as simple as dietary changes, medications, herbal/natural remedies or senior wellness blood screening as well as many other options.   If needed, we can also refer your pet for specialty care.

We know your pet is a very important member of your family, and has given you many years of love and companionship.  Please give us a call to set up an appointment and find out how you can make your pet’s golden years happy and healthy.