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paw2.jpg  Digital Radiography

Through our continuous efforts to provide the optimal care for your pet, Levan Road Veterinary Hospital is utilizing Digital Radiography.

Digital Radiography is an innovative way to provide X-ray images of your pet’s body to better diagnose potential health problems.  It has many advantages over conventional X-rays including:

  1. Greatly improved imaging with the ability to computer enhance and magnify images with superior detail.  We are also able to take measurements and make notations on the image.
  2. Reduced exposure times which means less radiation exposure to the pet and our staff.  Also, because the image can be produced in less than 3 seconds, the need for sedation or anesthesia sometimes required for adequate positioning and technique with conventional X-ray can be reduced.
  3. Because there are no chemicals or film waste involved, it is better for the environment.
  4. The X-Ray images can be easily sent via computer to consulting specialists for further examination and review.  We can also burn the images on a CD for you to take with you.

We feel that this new technology will allow us to continue to provide the best care for your pet companion.